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Nature is closer!
Natural biocompatible cosmetics
About us

Each grass blade, each stemlet, each sun ray….

We strive to gather them and preserve them for you carefully so that the cosmetics that we fill with natural ingredients will help you become even more beautiful.

Each of our products combines the power of plants from eco-friendly areas all over the world, traditional beauty recipes and state-of-the-art technologies.

Nature is closer! It is not only a motto, it is our firm principle that we follow in order to be useful for every household.

Greenmade background
Our values
Over 99% natural ingredients in the carefully researched and developed formulations that make it possible to use healing properties of plants carefully and effectively.
Unique formulations are biocompatible with the skin, fully digested by cells and “teach” them proper work, doing more than just hiding imperfections.
Greenmade products are full of vitamins and active ingredients, thus, they can actively resist the impact of negative factors.
We can rely on all our cosmetic products due to our stringent production quality control.
Greenmade products are based on a successful combination of traditional beauty recipes and state-of-the-art scientific developments in cosmetics.
No harmful substances
Our cosmetic products do not contain harmful substances: parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, silicone, synthetic scents or colorants.
Personal tests
All the cosmetics are tested not only in laboratories but also by us: we offer our clients only those products that we use ourselves.
Product catalogue
We invite you to know better each of our miraculous products in the Greenmade natural cosmetics line, created for you with love.
Become a partner

We greatly value relations with our partners – eco-stores from all the regions of the country, that is why we offer the best partnership terms.

Join our partners’ network and enjoy all the advantages of working with us.

We are manufacturers, not middlemen, so we can grant the most profitable terms of cooperation.
Marketing support
We provide our partners with advertising booklets and leaflets, as well as with a user-friendly e-catalogue of our products. We conduct joint campaigns.
Convenient delivery
We work only with reliable delivery agents and deliver your order as quickly as possible. We have our own warehouses in Moscow and Penza.
High profit margin
We offer very friendly wholesale prices that is why your markup can be up to 100% and more.
Shelf life
We are the Greenmade products manufacturers, thus, we always supply to our partners fresh products with the longest storage time.
Exclusive dealership
You can become an exclusive supplier, and we shall offer the best terms of cooperation in your region.
Where to buy?
You can buy the entire line of Greenmade products from our partners in your city or in our official Internet store.
Our partners
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