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Hello dear friends!

My name is Anna Rudakova, I am the founder of Greenmadе company.

I am also a working mom of five kids, homemaker of a large house where each child and each adult have a pet of their own. I know from my own experience the frustration caused by wasting money on cosmetics that promised “eternal youth” in its ads and children’s allergy to cosmetic products or washing powder and medical treatment of pets who have licked household chemicals residue from their paws. When choosing and buying cosmetics and household chemicals, exactly the same factors that are important for millions of other people are important for me: I want to use high-performance, safe, effective, reliable and affordable products.

I have found a solution for myself, my family, friends and acquaintances, and later for many thousands of my compatriots who take their health and beauty seriously: I have created Greenmade, a store network of natural cosmetics and eco-friendly home items that has been operating successfully for over four years.

However, since opening my first store, I have been thinking about creating my own cosmetics that I would “test on myself” in order to be sure of each ingredient, that would successfully combine scientific research and traditional recipes, that would be safe skin care treatment for any type of skin and would resist impact of negative factors. Thus, in 2016, almost at the same time when I had my fifth baby, the first line of my own brand Greenmade was born, natural cosmetics for home face and body skin care.

In cooperation with the best scientists of Novosibirsk Academic Town, we carefully developed recipes foreach of our cosmetic lines for face, body and hair care, thoroughly studied effects of each ingredient included in our formulations. Laboratory tests and stringent quality control allow us to be absolutely sure of the cosmetics that we offer.

Today the Greenmade cosmetics range includes over 150 products, carefully selected according to the type of skin and aimed at achieving the desired result. Our cosmetics includes products for morning and evening cleansing rituals, lotions and toners, face and body oils, body scrubs, various face masks. For those of us who like to travel, we have created a special road set that can conveniently fit into a travel bag. We never stop developing and soon will make our clients happy with new products that you, our dear friends, will fall in love with for a long time, I hope!

I am happy to invite all of you to start using our fantastic products.

Welcome to the world of Greenmade!